Tuesday, November 29, 2011

WebbWeaver Interview and Contest Discount

Good evening all,

DJ Weaver was nice enough to give me a spot on her blog, please take a moment to stop by and read the interview! It was a great time and really appreciate the opportunity they gave me. Topics covered include a day in the life, the future of publishing, and who I read and why.

Also, if you are thinking about our services, head over to author Paul Byers website where he is conducting a contest where I joined up and offered 25% off any one service. Good luck!


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Workin' On It

Hey all,

I've been working on a new design for the site over the past week or so, and while it's not active yet, it's getting close. Here are a few sneak peeks though of our new logo and banner/header. I hope you like them!

As you can see, the logo is made up of arrows all pointing to one thing - a convergence - a point where great writing and quality design come together to create something set apart from everything else around it.

We've also been lucky enough to get some great testimonials! Here are a few I'd like to share:

"The guys at FindtheAxis just get it. They understand the value of design and brand quality. The proof's in the pudding, they were behind the design of Silver and the redesign of my other ebooks to fit an identifiable brand. Silver hit #2 in the UK charts in no small part because of the work these guys did, and that spilled over into every other aspect of my online presence. We're talking about fifty thousand electronic sales over 2011 across the brand. That's a hell of a lot of recognition. That's what I mean about the proof being in the pudding. They do it, it works. As a writer looking to cement brand recognition in the current white noise of the publishing industry you can't ask for more from a team."
-- Steven Savile, #1 International bestselling author of SILVER and PRIMEVAL: SHADOW OF THE JAGUAR

"When I first decided to self-publish novels, I was inundated with opinions and advice about formatting, marketing, promotion, editing, you name it. But I knew one of the most crucial components of a good book is a quality cover. That’s where Stan came in. When I reached out to him he couldn’t have been more helpful. He took the time to educate me not just about book covers, but about the publishing industry in general. He cut through the BS, laid all my options out on the table, and answered all my questions with patience and professionalism. In the end, I got more than just an awesome book cover that gets lots of compliments—I gained a friend and someone in the industry I can trust."
-- Katie McVay, author of THE CITY OF LOST SECRETS
Thanks to everyone who has chosen Find The Axis to create a cover, a print/ebook layout, or a web site. Your trust in our services means the world!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Updates - Jan 2011 to Today

Hey friends,

It's been way too long since I've been here on the blog. I had visions of greatness for it... and then life got busy. This not being my full-time day job, it kind of got neglected - many apologies. I do want to post some updates though about what has been going on in 2011.

I've acquired many clients this year, many of which have been repeat offenders (what's wrong with you people... haha). Here are a bunch of them, along with a widespread thanks to all of you who have come and commissioned work through me and FindTheAxis.com.

Rick Chesler - Cover creation of kiDNApped

Charles Colley - Cover creation and ebook layout for Skull County, USA

Denise Gass - Cover creation of Ghosts of Arlington

Rick Jones - RickJonz.com

Mindstir Media - Ebook formatting which included: Contingency, Indemnity, Precedent (Paula Wiseman), Purpose of the Powerful (Chinelo Umunnakwe), Sands of Sanibel (Donna Raye)

Paul Byers - Ebook formatting of Arctic Fire, as well as cover completion

Katie McVay - Cover creation of The City of Lost Secrets, as well as ebook and print book layout

Seven Realms Publishing - Ebook and print book layout for David Lynn Golemon's The Supernaturals; Cover creation for David Sakmyster's Blindspots

Cinder Path - Movie poster for Nightwatchers, a screenplay by David Sakmyster

Steven Savile - Ebook covers, US and International including international bestseller Silver (int'l), and The Sally Reardon Series

Tom Monteleone - Ebook formatting for Night of Broken Souls, also coming soon include The Blood of the Lamb, The Reckoning, and Mafia

Exlineal - Logo creation

Steve Alten - Running his contest for his releases of Phobos (Tor) and Grim Reaper: End of Days (Tor)

2011 so far has been a wild ride and I love it. I've made many great new friends along the way and hope you join in and take advantage of our author services and logo creation. Feel free to join us on Facebook, or come say hi on my personal Facebook page where you can also see what I accomplish at my day job. We also have a Twitter account, so if you want to say hello I encourage it.

Take care, everyone. Enjoy what is left to autumn.