Thursday, March 22, 2012

One Can Dream...

So, things have been going great for me as of late. I feel very honored to have met the people I've met and done work for. Thanks to you all! I have actually uploaded a bunch of my newer stuff to the Find The Axis Facebook page if you would like to see what I've been up to. While there are some of my older designs on there, oldies but goodies at that (just sayin'), you can see the handful of new covers I've been lucky to design.

Any who, let's get back on track. While I am honored at what I've been given the opportunity to do, one can dream - something I enjoy doing often - and reach for the stars. I would love to do covers for a few of the authors out there I've come in contact with. People like Jonathan Maberry, Joe Moore, Jon F. Merz, and Joseph Nassise - all who would take the shirt off their back and give it to you if you were in need. My list doesn't end there, like adding James Rollins and Steve Berry, or Douglas Preston and David Morrell, and so many more... like before, more of the same 'amazing human being' folk you could ever meet. You never know where time may lead you and hopefully one day I get to make a dream come true.

Now, it is time for you to dream! Who would you love to see grace the cover of your next book? Come on now, spill the beans.