Monday, August 31, 2009

What's To Come?

Hey everyone,

Here we are, our first posting, and I hope you like what you see in the future! There has been a bunch of brainstorming going into this project and I think it will be a great thing for a number of you reading this blog. We are here to help you (if you are an author/writer) succeed! It's that easy. We want to help give you the same opportunity that big names get - like affordable, professional covers and interiors, a website that will draw fans in and keep them coming back for more, and some free marketing and networking.

For all of the info be sure to visit our site,, and cruise all the pages. We have a lot of info that will benefit you and prices that are extremely competitive for the industry. It is still under 'construction' so to speak, but should be enough to get your juices flowing for what we can offer.

I look forward to seeing who our first guest will be so keep your eyes open for new postings regularly! They will be books and authors from all genres, in paper and e-book form along with podcasts/audio, so there will be something posted for you at some point. Enjoy - oh and be sure to leave comments. We love to see fans posting things about their favorite authors!

Talk to you all soon,