Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Excites!

With only a few days into 2012, things are already hopping! Two projects have been completed, with a long-term one just kicking off.

Project One - Rally 'Round The Corpse by Hy Conrad (Seven Realms Publishing)
Writer of TV's MONK and WHITE COLLAR, this title was one of my highest profile pieces and it was an honor to work on Hy's newest mystery! Thanks to Kent Holloway and 7R for another great opportunity. Both the e-book and the print book will be available in a few months to all you who dun-nit fans!

Project Two - Act Of God by Paul Byers
Author of CATALYST and ARCTIC FIRE, this collection of short stories was an absolute joy to work on. Paul is a great guy and his writing is engaging. Keep your eyes open for it in e-book in the near future and print later this year.

Project Three - The LOCH 2 Contest by Steve Alten
That's right, a sequel to the long-awaited title The LOCH, by a science thriller favorite. As in his last lot of contests (MEG: Hell's Aquarium, The SHELL GAME, The GRIM REAPER [round 1 and 2], and PHOBOS), I will be receiving emails from contestants and the 30 contestants with the highest views of the viral trailer will be immortalized as LOCH 2 characters! Head over to for full details on the contest, along with the rules and any other swag.

Also, on an aside, I'm finishing up questions for a guest interview appearance at the Kane Gilmour blog (author of RESURRECT, and co-author of not only the CALLSIGN: DEEP BLUE Chessteam/Jack Sigler novella, out now, but also book 4 of the series, RAGNAROK), so when that goes live I'll be sure to give out the link... So far this year has started off at a breakneck pace.

Last thought for today, thanks to you all who made 2011 so special, and to the bunch of you so far that have already made 2012 look so promising and energizing! I'm looking forward to a great year filled with partnerships, new and old.