Monday, October 19, 2009

The SHELL GAME Contest still has one month left!

Hey book readers,

As you may have seen in a past post, Steve Alten has provided another chance to get his fans into one of his bestselling novels with a contest devoted to promoting The SHELL GAME. With a month left, you may think it's too late to join - but on the contrary, now is the right time to come in and take over one of the top 30 spots to be a character in DOMAIN 3 (PHOBOS)! The rules are simple, just follow the link above and start accumulating your views. In the process, get a limited edition MEG poster just for promoting The SHELL GAME.

In a related note, The SHELL GAME was called the 'Scariest Book of 2009' by Click the link and find out why.

Join in spreading the terror today and make your way into PHOBOS!

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